Troubleshooting Experience (TEx)

What: Fun, team oriented, computer-based simulation exercises, with realistic interactive experiential learning scenarios, for technical problem solving training workshops.

Why: Minimise service impact, resolve & restore faster, prevent reoccurrence, improve team collaboration, performance agreements, expectations & customer satisfaction.

How: 1-Day to multiple-day, Face to Face &/or Virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT) workshops. Imparting the insight, value & benefit of a common, agnostic, scalable & proven systematic troubleshooting process (workshops can be broken into 4.5hr blocks).

Where: Delivered primarily in the Asia Pacific Region (virtual workshops are perfect for geographically dispersed teams).

Size: Up to 20 participants per session (ideal number is 16 participants – making 4 teams of 4).

When: As mutually agreed and scheduled.