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Exploring the Evolution of Problem-Solving: From Ancient Civilizations to the Digital Age

The ability to effectively troubleshoot and solve problems is an inherent part of our human fabric. Since the beginning of time our survival and progress have hinged on our capacity to identify challenges and devise solutions.

This is a prelude to an upcoming multi-part rapid read series that will delve deeper into this fascinating subject, providing insights, tips, tricks + more.

We aim to keep the articles short and succinct (1-5min reads), how many will there be? Who knows, there is a lot to cover in bite size chunks.

This series is initially published on LinkedIn.

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Without delay…


Ah, what a fitting place to start, the most abundant (free), yet most valuable and irreplaceable (when it counts) commodity of them all.

We will take a look at time itself and the critical role it plays, while exploring problem-solving through the geological timescale across the eons and through the ages.

Top left is the current day, the Meghalayan age.

Did you know:

The International Chronostratigraphic Chart, maintained by the International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS), serves as a recognized authority in stratigraphy by creating and updating a standardized framework that reflects the latest scientific consensus, enabling the division of Earth’s geological history into distinct units.

The Genesis of Problem Solving

The Dawn of Problem Solving - E2E Problem Solving -

Problem-solving has been an integral part of human life since our earliest days. Our ancestors, facing challenges of survival, were the first problem solvers. They had to figure out how to find food, build shelter, and protect themselves from predators. Their problem-solving methods, though primitive, laid the groundwork for the sophisticated strategies we employ today.

It also begs the question, did problem solving or troubleshooting come first? And what’s the difference between them or is it just semantics?

Problem Solving Through the Ages

Ancient Societies - E2E Problem Solving -

As civilizations developed, so did our problem-solving techniques. Ancient societies (3500 BC-476 AD) used rudimentary mathematical models and logical reasoning to solve complex problems. The Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans applied these methods to address challenges in architecture, agriculture, and astronomy.

During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance periods, problem-solving evolved further. It became an essential tool in scientific discovery/revolution (1500s-1700s AD), political strategy, and commercial trade.

BC and BCE Timeline View

The 1500s and beyond will be a particular interesting period to delve into and discover during the upcoming series (stay tuned).

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The Modern Approach to Problem Solving

Modern Problem Solving - E2E Problem Solving -

The modern era saw the development of a more systematic approach to troubleshooting and problem-solving. Techniques became more refined, encompassing empirical reasoning, critical thinking, and structured methodologies. These were applied across diverse fields, from science and engineering to social sciences and business management.

Problem Solving in the Digital Age

Digital Age Problem Solving - E2E Problem Solving -

In today’s digital landscape problem-solving has transcended traditional boundaries. Advancements in technology allow us to tackle challenges with unprecedented efficiency and speed (what about effectiveness though).

So, what does this mean for us humans? As we strive to stay ahead of the curve or simply keep up.

After all, and I’m sure you’ll nod in agreement, the infamous catch phrase ‘technology makes your life easier’ has become quite the running joke.

It’s like technology decided to challenge us and say, ‘You thought life was complicated? Hold my circuit board!’

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The Journey Ahead

Problem Solving Future Journey - E2E Problem Solving -

Whichever paths are taken the key is to not only remain in control of the evolving digital landscape but also harness its advantages to drive positive practical outcomes for everyone.

Having a common language and pragmatic approach for rapid troubleshooting with precision and alignment on how to solve a problem objectively, are fundamental critical aspects we should all aim to master, especially now as we continue our collective journey into unprecedented times of human history.

Stay Tuned!

Gears of Humanity's Problem Solving - E2E Problem Solving -

This overview serves as an introduction to the in-depth exploration that awaits in our upcoming multi-part series of 1-5min rapid read articles.

The multi-part series promises to be a riveting exploration of the world of critical thinking and problem-solving, providing insights into its evolution and its significance in the present day and beyond, both in our professional and personal lives.

We look forward to engaging you on this journey of discovery.

Stay tuned!

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Stay Tuned!

Gears of Humanity's Problem Solving - E2E Problem Solving -


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